Earthed Solutions Pty. Ltd. does engage ABN registered engineerings & software developers on subcontract from time to time.

All work is on a project by project basis.

CV Submission:

Submit your CV to the director (Ian J. Finlay) in PDF format only, with a detailed cover letter

Skills of interest:

IoT (embedded and Web integration, Google Maps Integration)

3D Printing interests

Wireless communications

Microcontroller: Motorola 68XX, 68K series, ATMega, Netduino, Arduino,  Microchip PIC 10\12\16\18\24\32

CAN Bus, ModbusRTU, Modbus TCP, LON, Allen Bradley ABCLX

Ethernet communications

Citect SCADA

OPC Integration

Windows Application Development (fyi: highlight special skills not looking for just SQL and winforms,. WPF)

DevExpress, Telerik, ...