Development of custom pseudo real-time applications for unique warehouse distribution, stocking functions, host interfacing, reporting

Example 1: create picking sheets for warehouse staff, staff then pick 30 boxes of one SKU and send down the conveyor, the distribution allocation system will send the boxes down divert lanes, where a truck is waiting for a particular run of stores. boxes are evenly distributed between lanes, any back orders reported to the host system.

Example 2: Frieght Sortation for Star Track.  The merge induction area is fitted with manual hand scanners to cater for cases where barcodes can not be read.  Barcode id's are queried on teh host database to track the parcel and destination route,  the sortation conveyor if preset with truck routes and the parcel is sent to the appropriate divert lane. The sortation controller uses TCP/IP or serial interfacing to receive divert commands. Turn around time for databse query about 200msec.

Example 3: AMWAY Pick to light order picking.  Interposing software between Kingston & Warren Pick to Light system and integration with AMWAY order Management System, Boxes are bar-coded and diverted to filling\pick bays if they have products designated from that area automatically by conveyor.  As a pick operator scans a box, the gravity fed stock shelves message display lights up indicating teh quantity of each item needed to fulfill the order, on completion the box continues to teh next bay.  Offering Real time picking, and stock level monitoring and automatic generation of replenishment orders.  


warehouse logistics diagram

  • Colby Engineering custom conveyor sortation solutions:
    • Skills:  VB \ C \ C++, serial communications, PLC interfacing, Windows form applications, induct barcode scanners, database, Client \ Server, Digiboard multiport serial driver 
    • Clients: ( Kodak, Cadbury, BigW, The Warehouse, Just Jeans, Coles Myer, Grace Bros., Myer Direct, Star Track )
    • VIDEO: Rapistan Frog Sort Conveyor
  • Ciperlab handheld device scanner development for meat induct \ inventory
    • Skills: C++ custom software , cradle interfacing, data storage, serial communications
  • Protoyping: - CargoTape Bluetooth barcode + tape measure device (certified measurement instrument)
    • Skills:  C++ , Bluegiga BT module development 
    • Client: Cubical